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DJ Khaled “POPSTAR” [ft. Drake]

DJ Khaled has released two new songs featuring Drake: ‘POPSTAR’ and ‘GREECE’

DJ Khaled is not interested in art—he is interested in hits. The DJ turned pseudo-producer is one of the all-time great social climbers, and every name added to his group chat perpetuates the idea that he is successful by association. His prosperity is predicated on his image outweighing his musical output and on achieving peak commercialization, both classic hallmarks of pop stardom. Khaled is the lip-syncer taken to the extreme, the rockist artistry meme taken to its hyperbolic conclusion. It isn’t just that he doesn’t perform or play any instruments; he doesn’t really do anything. There is some synergy in Drake giving him a song called “POPSTAR,” since Khaled so desperately craves celebrity by proxy.

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